November 1, 2022

Upcoming Uniques and Halloween

Upcoming Uniques and Halloween

Three days remaining in the auctions for the first 8 artworks in the Irrecusably Unique collection. New pieces will be added to the collection after the auctions close.

As mentioned in the Uniques launch post, there will be traits for events within these 1/1 NFTs. The first pieces with the event trait dropped last weekend for the Halloween 2022!

The Halloween themed art will remain in the collection and new event themed art might also drop soon.

The auctions will hopefully help discover the price that people will be willing to pay for this kind of AI art. After the initial auction closes, new unique pieces will come for the collection. Here's a sneak peek of some early versions of a couple of the new pieces.

Hope you had a great Halloween if you celebrated it, and keep an eye out for these new drops coming soon!