November 8, 2022

Project update and what's next

Project update and what's next

The auctions for the first eight NFTs in the Irrecusably Unique collection closed last Friday.

Irrecusably Unique Collection

Unfortunately, none of the initial artwork received any bids. They are now listed at a price of 0.05 ETH for anyone to collect.

The first eight pieces have their metadata frozen, they will remain unnumbered 1/1 pieces forever. All the new additions to the collection are numbered and feature a unique title.

New additions

As mentioned in the original post about the Uniques collection, it will keep growing regularly as new pieces are created and added. In the past week four new NFTs have been added to the collection, in addition of the first event pieces.

What We Leave Behind


The first NFTs also created for events were dropped. There are three Halloween themed pieces, and two for Day of the Dead.

In the case of the Irrecusably Unique collection, the event artworks are always only listed for a limited time, never to be listed again. If you want to grab one during an event, you can do so at the price determined for each piece. But outside of that, they are only available for offers.

What's next?

I have been happy with the AI art created for the Uniques and will keep growing the collection with new and interesting pieces. This collection is listed at Opensea, but there are also other interesting marketplaces out there.

That's why expanding out and doing a new focused collection also makes sense. A new collection titled "Only Humans" will launch on Foundation soon.

This collection will have editions instead of unique 1/1 NFTs and features, as the name says, only humans. What kind of humans will be added? We'll if you would like to find out, leave a follow on Foundation!

To keep up to date with both collections, follow Irrecusable NFT on Twitter where all the new uniques and humans will be posted!